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Clinical Pilates/Group Exercise Class

An individualised exercise class that is designed to target optimal health benefits under the supervision of an Exercise Physiologist, with the added cost and social benefits of a group class. Each person completes their own exercise program that is tailored to their own unique medical history and goals, incorporating a mix of reformer Pilates, weight training and any other relevant equipment available in studio. An Initial Consultation and 2 x 1:1 Subsequent Sessions need to be completed prior to attending this class therefore the Signature Package (available to view via Fees) is the best value for money if you’re interested in this option.



Strength & Reformer Class (All Levels)

Can’t decide between weight training and reformer Pilates classes? This class may be the one for you! We will take you through a series of full-body free-weight exercises, followed by a gentler sequence of reformer flows. All exercises will be semi-tailored to suit all abilities.



Express Reformer (All Levels)

A 30-minute reformer class designed to enhance strength and improve endurance, for those who have limited time or prefer shorter sessions. Progressions and regressions will be explored in an attempt to suit all abilities and ages.






Express Yoga (All Levels)

A combination of vinyasa style flow yoga to get the breath moving throughout the body only to then drop deeply into the soothing and replenishing yin practice to calm the mind, body and soul. Alternated biweekly with a deep stretch class focused on gentle flows and stretches to help release muscle tension, moving your body with control and purpose.



All Levels Reformer Pilates Class

A low-moderate level reformer Pilates class that can accommodate all levels of abilities. This class targets whole-body reformer flows that will help condition your body and build a mind-body connection as you develop a better understanding of basics of Pilates and how to regress/progress depending on your needs and goals.



Mums & Bubs Reformer Class (All Levels)

Returning to exercise after pregnancy and birth can be challenging for a lot of new mums. This class is designed to explore movement that rebuilds the body and restores the mind, as you navigate through the physical changes that occurred during pregnancy and help manage the increased mental load and sleep interference postnatally, without the added worry of trying to find a babysitter or leaving your baby for a period of time if breastfeeding!

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